The Best Pizza in Naples: Eating Our Way through Italy

January 6, 2017
Margherita Pizza in Naples, Italy | The Best Pizza in Naples

We had one main item on the agenda during our seven days in Naples: Find the best pizza on earth. Modern pizza was invented in Naples, so we figured the best pizza in Naples had to be the best pizza anywhere. We were so committed to our search we ate pizza margherita three times a day. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) Real Neapolitan crust is super thin and chewy, the sauce is bright and rich, and a margherita isn’t overloaded with mozzarella. You’d think we would have reached our saturation point in Naples, but as a sign of our true pizza fandom, we ordered pies a few more times on our trip throughout Italy.

It’s hard to find bad pizza in Naples, but you’re gold if you eat at any of these.

Margherita pizza in Naples, Italy | Best Pizza in Naples

Best Pizza in Naples

Di Matteo – The Winner

Our clear winner was Di Matteo. Even ordering was fun; wiggling through the street crowd picking up frittatina (fried pasta) and pizza fritta ripieno (fried stuffed pizza), waiting in the tiny entry watching piping hot pizza after pizza come out of the blue tiled 900F plus oven, and finally, taking our two fresh margheritas to enjoy on the busy streets of Napoli.

Address: Via Tribunali 94, 80138 Naples

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba – The Oldest Pizzeria

This place opened in 1830 and has the claim to fame as the oldest pizzeria. Grab E1.50 pizzas, quadfold, and you’re ready to go.

Address: Via Port’Alba 18, 80134 Naples

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

This pizzeria is in the heart of Napoli, in the Spaccanapoli district on Via dei Tribunali. We heard this street referred to as pizza street; You really can’t go wrong with any place on this street.

Address: Via dei Tribunali 32, 80138 Naples

L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele

This place is for pizza purists. They only serve Marinara and the Margherita. If you’re into celebrity connections, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, claimed this was “the world’s best pizza.”

Address: Via Cesare Sersale 1, 80139 Naples


Forget about eating like a king, here, you can eat like the Pope. Back in 2000, Starita had the honor of preparing a pie for Pope John Paul II, and aptly named it Pizza Del Papa.

Address: Via Materdei 27, 80136 Naples

Best Fried Pizza in Naples

Fried pizza, or pizza fritta, is a popular street food and essentially a pizza folded in half, and then deep fried. Throughout our week of massive calorie and carb consumption, we clearly needed to add more fat to the mix, so we tried out a few of these crispy pies. Here’s our recommendations for the best pizza fritta in Napoli.

La Masardona

Address: Via Giulio Cesare Capaccio 27, 80142 Naples

Antica Pizza Fritta da Esterina Sorbillo

Address: Piazza Trieste e Trento 53, 80132 Naples

Di Matteo

Address: Via Tribunali 94, 80138 Naples


Address: Via Materdei 27, 80136 Naples

How to Identify Real Neapolitan Pizza outside of Naples

Unless you’re an expert, it’s incredibly hard to separate really, really good pizza from really, really good authentic Neapolitan pizza outside of Naples. And that’s because the organization that gives out this rare honor of veracity is incredible exacting. You can check out the qualifications to make the cut here, or simply look for the Vera Pizza Napoletana sign with Pulcinella pulling pizza out of the oven.

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The Best Pizza In Naples and Where to Find It

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