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About Us

No Man Before | A Family Travel and Adventure Blog

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet. We are Kelly, Aaron and Hudson, the travelers behind No Man Before, a travel and adventure blog. We started this blog after moving from LA to the UK, where Aaron attended a graduate program at the University of Cambridge. We took full advantage of our new home base to discover Europe, traveling to as many cities, beaches and mountains we could find the time for. In 2017, we moved back to California, excited to continue exploring both at home and abroad.

We love discovering new places together. Our goal is to share the travel insights we’ve gained right here on our blog so you can be inspired to venture somewhere you’ve never heard of before, head off the beaten path, and go where no man has gone before!  While our travel slogan may be a bit ironic (we love big cities and popular tourist spots too!), it’s helped us to open our minds, broaden our view and appreciate all of the diversity this world has to offer. 

Why Work With Us?

We’ve been blogging for over 5 years…

And with those years of experience, comes the knowledge of what works for our audience, and what doesn’t. We started this blog in 2016 while we were living in Europe, hoping to create the kind of content we were looking for when researching a new destination or travel gear.

We create helpful, well-researched content

We started this blog because we didn’t want to see the same list of things to do without any helpful details or photos. We wanted specific, detailed articles that told us how to get there, how much things cost, and those little bits of information you wouldn’t know unless you’d been there before. 

We focus on long-lasting results

Every blog post we write starts with keyword research and a focus on SEO. There’s no use in writing a post that no one will read! We make sure we can rank at the top on Google where readers can easily find our content. Once we’re at the top, we make sure we can stay there, often times for years.

Readers come back to our blog, again and again

On average, over 50K people visit our blog every month. And if you dive into our Google Analytics, you can see that our readers aren’t one and done. Our blog averages over 2.3 pages per session, which means they’re reading several articles at a time. They also come back to read new articles or re-reference a post, with over 13% of our monthly traffic coming from returning visitors. 

Readers Buy from Us

A key indicator that our readers find our blog posts helpful and our recommendations trustworthy is that they buy from us. On average, we generate over $40K in affiliate products sales per month.

Professional Photography

One of our favorite parts of travel is capturing the beauty we are privileged to see and experience. We love sharing photos with our readers as a source of inspiration, and with our partners for use in their own marketing materials. 

Contact Us

Whether you have a question or just want to say “hi,” we would love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at



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