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Barefoot Shoes | Discover Healthy, Comfortable Shoes

Minimalist and barefoot shoes

If you’re looking for healthy, comfortable shoes, you’re in the right spot! I finally found barefoot shoes on a quest to find better hiking boots. I didn’t get why they had to be so narrow, bulky, and heeled. When I discovered barefoot shoes, I realized not only did they not have to be all those things, but most options on the market weren’t even good for my feet.

Since I started wearing barefoot shoes over 4 years ago, there have been so many new additions to the market. Most minimalist and barefoot shoes are still only sold online, so I share detailed, accurate reviews so you can make the best decision for you!

Based on the amazing feedback I received on my barefoot shoe posts, I started up social media accounts to share exclusively about barefoot shoes and tips for healthier feet. You can follow me on Instagram @thebarefootshoeguide or TikTok @barefootshoeguide.

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