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11 Best Camping Blankets: Cozy, Warm, and Rugged Enough for the Outdoors

May 19, 2021
Best Camping Blankets

These camping blankets will do more than just keep you warm – many of them are water-resistant, transform into a pancho, double as a pillow, and pack down small so they’re easy to bring along.

If you’re an avid camper, you probably already have a sleeping bag you swear by. But what about a camping blanket? There are plenty of times when I want the warmth and technical materials of a sleeping bag, but it’s not really practical to shimmy myself into my mummy bag and zip up. Say for around the campfire, at the beach, or when I’ve seriously underestimated the weather and don’t want to freeze when I’m just out to watch the sunset. That’s when a camping blanket comes in for the win!

As we’ve spent a lot of time camping, hiking, and just enjoying the amazing outdoors here in Northern California, we’ve come to appreciate how handy it is to bring along a camping blanket (especially one that packs down small!). We’ve gathered a bit of a collection, and are here to share our thoughts on the best camping blankets out there.

We love the Rumpl NanoLoft Camping Blanket – it’s warm, water-resistant, and easy to carry!

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Synthetic Fill Camping Blankets

1 Rumpl Puffy Camping Blanket

Since launching in 2014, Rumpl has become the gold standard of camping blankets.

Rumpl has three different types of camping blankets with a large selection of beautiful colors and patterns. They’ve even partnered with artists for special edition designs, so they’re great if you want a blanket that provides both warmth and a bit of pizzazz to your camping gear. Check out the National Park Collection that features cool pictures of your favorite National Parks with 1% of sales donated to the National Park Foundation.  

The Original Puffy Camping Blanket is a solid go-to, made with the 100% recycled 30D ripstop polyester fabric, similar to what you’d see on the outside of a sleeping bag or jacket. All that recycled material comes from plastic bottles; about 50 plastic bottles are recycled for each one-person blanket. Blankets are also available in a smaller travel size, and a larger two-person size.

The one-person Puffy Camping Blanket weighs only 2.1 lbs, and packs down tight into its water-resistant stuff sack, which makes it really easy to carry around. The fabric also has a DWR finish for stain and water resistance. It handles the elements well, along with anything else you might throw at it during a camping trip. 

I opted for Rumpl’s NanoLoft Puffy Camping blanket in the Patina Pixel Fade, which features a synthetic fill that’s lighter and more packable. The circular clusters in the insulation mimic down, so it’s just as warm as the original Puffy even though it takes up less space.

Retail: Original Puffy starting at $99; NanoLoft starting at $179

Shop Now: Rumpl Original Puffy | Rumpl NanoLoft

The Rumpl NanoLoft Camping Blanket
Rumpl NanoLoft Camping Blanket packs down small into a stuff sack

2 NEMO Puffin Camping Blanket

The NEMO Puffin is another high-quality synthetic fill blanket. It’s got a few ingenious features that make it an excellent blanket to bring along on all your outdoor adventures. The NEMO Puffin is made of soft micro-ripstop nylon, so it’s durable and warm. The round edge design makes it easier to wrap up tight and keep out the cold. Plus, the Foot Nook™ system prevents your toes from slipping out and freezing in the cold night air. Finally, the integrated storage sack means you’ll never lose the bag, and it can double as a pillow when stuffed.  

Retail: $99

Shop Now: NEMO Equipment | REI

NEMO camping blanket

3 Kelty Bestie Blanket

The Kelty Bestie Camping Blanket may not be super technical, but it’ll still keep you warm and it’s a killer deal! At just under $25, the Bestie is the best budget camping blanket out there. The exterior is soft, the Cloudloft insulation is lightweight and warm, and there are lots of fun colors and designs to choose from. You’ll never go wrong with bringing the Bestie along!

Retail: $24.95

Shop NowKelty | Amazon

Kelty Bestie Camping Blanket

Down Camping Blankets

4 Rumpl Down Blanket

As with any product that features down insulation, you’re going to have to splash a little extra cash compared to something with synthetic fill. But if you need something that is lighter weight, more packable, and extra warm for a backpacking blanket, then down is the way to go!  

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket uses 600-fill sustainably-sourced duck down and weighs only 1.2 lbs for a one-person blanket. That’s almost a whole pound lighter than the Original Puffy, and a half pound compared to the NanoLoft; if you plan on toting your camping blanket around a lot, losing that extra weight can make a big difference!

Retail: $249

Shop Now: Rumpl Down Camping Blankets

Rumpl down camping blanket

5 REI Co-op Down Camp Blanket

I’ve been a pretty big fan of any REI Co-op product I’ve purchased; it’s usually great quality at a great price. That goes for the down camp blanket as well. The one-person REI down blanket retails at $169, and it’s made with bluesign® approved recycled polyester and RDS 600-fill duck down.  This down blanket is also available in a larger two-person size.

Retail: $169

Shop Now: REI

6 Kammok Bobcat 45 Down Trail Quilt

If you want a down backpacking blanket that doubles as a pancho or easily snaps into your Kammock hammock, then the Kammock down trail camping quilt is an excellent option. The opening in the center that makes it easy to wear as a pancho, and the conversion kit has snaps that will hold this camping quilt in place in your hammock.  

The ripstop nylon is treated with a DWR finish, and 600-fill power duck down is meant to keep you warm down to 45F. At 1lbs 4 oz, a camping quilt plus hammock combo can be great for backpacking trips when the weather isn’t too cold!

Retail: $199

Shop Now: REI | Kammok

Kammok down trail quilt

Wool Camping Blankets

7 Pendleton Wool Camping Blanket

Technical synthetic fabrics can be pretty great, but it’s hard to beat the amazing properties of wool. I’ve touted wool’s impressive qualities in posts about hiking socks, hiking t-shirts, kids’ thermals…I’m of the opinion that wool is great for just about everything! And if you’ve wrapped yourself up in a Pendleton wool blanket, I think you’d agree.

Pendleton Woolen Mills was founded in 1863, so they have over 150 years of blanket-making expertise. The Pendleton wool camping blankets are similar to blankets shepherds used to use, warm and rugged enough to keep your warm amidst the elements of the often foggy, wet and cold PNW. Pendleton blankets are a bit of an investment, but they’re meant to last a lifetime. They’re made of pure virgin wool in Pendleton’s own mills, some of the few remaining wool mills still operating in the U.S.

Retail: $169

Shop Now: REI | Backcountry

Pendleton Wool Camping Blanket

8 Woolrich Wool Blanket

Founded in 1830, Woolrich is another company with a long history of wool production in the U.S. If you’ve ever donned a red and black buffalo check flannel button up, you can thank Woolrich for the design.  

You can get this iconic buffalo check pattern in blanket form from the original makers! This camping blanket is made of a soft wool blend and stitched with waxed thread for increased durability.  

Retail: $225

Shop Now: Woolrich

Water-resistant Camping Blankets

9  Fjällräven Övik Blanket  

While many of the synthetic and down blankets features a DWR finish, and wool has excellent properties that still insulate when wet, you may be in a situation where you want a camping blanket that places even more emphasis on water-resistance than on being soft and cozy. Like say, if you need some insulation from the wet ground.

The top of the Övik Blanket is a soft felted wool blend, while the bottom is made of Fjällräven’s proprietary durable and long-lasting G-1000 fabric that it’s become so well-known for. This recycled polyster and organic cotton fabric is impregnated with Greenland Wax which makes it water-resistant, dirt-resistant and hardwearing.  

Retail: $200

Shop Now: Moosejaw

Fjallraven water resistant camping blanket

10 Coalatree Kachula Blanket

Coalatree touts the Kachula blanket as the Swiss Army knife of blankets since you can use it as a blanket, light sleeping bag, pillow, or pancho. The top is made of a softer brushed nylon flannel, while the bottom is made of ripstop nylon. It’s water-resistant and made of 100% recycled materials.  

Retail: $67

Shop Now: Coalatree

Coalatree Kachula camp blankets

11 YETI Lowlands Waterproof Blanket

The YETI Lowlands blanket is the only camping blanket on this list that is not just water-resistant, but fully waterproof. In addition to repelling water, you can easily shake off any dirt or pet hair too. The insulated interior layer means this blanket still provides plenty of warmth, so you can use for more than just ground cover.  

Retail: $200

Shop Now: YETI | REI

YETI Waterproof Camp Blanket

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