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15 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

15 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

Having well-fitting shoes is so important when babies and toddlers are learning to walk. Toddlers with wide feet need wide shoes! I’ve searched for the best wide shoes for my own two toddlers and rounded up this list — the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.  

Nothing is more exciting than watching your baby reach major milestones, including taking those first steps. Having healthy, well-fitting shoes is essential for good development. But, it can be challenging to find shoes for toddlers with wide feet. 

Wide feet in toddlers in incredibly common, yet many mainstream brands don’t seem to take that into consideration in their shoe design. Just know you’re not alone! After having my two children test dozens of shoes, here are the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet. 

Wide Toddler Barefoot Shoes

What makes a healthy shoe for toddlers? 

I’ve spent the last few years doing a lot of reading and research to understand what makes a healthy shoe for kids and toddlers. One of the best studies I found was published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The study titled “Shoes for children: a review” found that feet develop best when they’re barefoot.  

These researchers (and many others) concluded kid’s shoes should allow them to function as close to barefoot as possible. This means shoes should be foot-shaped, and soles should be flat, thin and flexible. Toddler’s shoes should mainly be to protect, not support or cushion. Toddler feet have a lot of learning and growing to do, and the best thing is to have minimal shoes that don’t impair their healthy development. 

What to look for in Wide Shoes for Toddlers 

Wide toe box – The widest part of a toddler’s foot is usually their toes. Many toddler shoes claiming to be wide still taper at the toe-box, which means those cute little toes will be squished and pinched. Look for shoes that are wide around the ball of the foot and through the toes.  

Easily Adjustable, Wide Opening – Sometimes getting the foot in is the hardest part, so both the shoe and the opening need to be wide.

Flat – Researchers and doctors recommend flat shoes for toddlers. As they’re learning to walk, their shoes should be as close to barefoot as possible. Adding heels (even small ones) make it harder for them to balance and walk.

Flexible – Stiff shoes can lead to weakness and loss of mobility. Toddlers should have flexible shoes that allow all of the foot, ankle and leg muscles to have a full range of motion.

When I initially started looking for wide shoes for my toddler, it was hard to find anything. But when I figured out where to look, it became overwhelming as there are so many amazing brands that cater to wider toddler feet. I’ve narrowed down the best toddler shoes for wide feet right here on this list. I considered 1) fit (are they truly wide), 2) if the soles were flat and flexible and 3) ease of shipping and returns.

1 New Balance Kids new-b 

Sizes: US 3 to 9 |  $35 | Wide and Extra Wide

New Balance Wide Toddler Shoes

The New Balance new-b Toddler shoes are wide and flexible, so they’re really accommodating to wide toddler feet. I tend to steer away from most mainstreams brands as they usually add unnecessary padding, stiffness and support to kid’s shoes, which can detract from a toddler’s healthy foot development.  

The new-b style is specifically made for new walkers, so they’re lightweight and soft. They offer Wide and Extra Wide options, so these are great toddler shoes for wide feet. 

2 Merrell Bare Steps Toddler Shoes 

Size: US 4 to Big Kid | $35 | Regular and Wide 

Merrell Baresteps Barefoot Shoes for Kids
Merrell Baresteps Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Merrell is known for their hiking boots and shoes which can be a bit clunky, but the Kids Bare Steps line are much more minimal and toddler-friendly. 

These shoes are wide throughout the foot, including the toe box. Bare Steps come in medium and wide widths – select the wide option for toddlers with wider feet. The wide shoes are about 1/8 to ¼ inch wider than the mediums depending on the size. 

The Merrell Bare Steps line includes several styles: leather sneakers, water shoes, sandals, hiking shoes, and boots. 

Shop on Merrell | Shop on Zappos | Shop on Amazon 

3 Softstar Moccasins and Ramblers 

Sizes: US 3 and up | $50 | Regular, Wide and Extra-Wide 

Softstar Barefoot Shoes

Softstar handmakes toddler shoes in regular, wide, and extra wide widths out of their Portland, Oregon workshop. If you’ve been finding other “wide” options too narrow, then you may have better luck with Softstar’s toddler shoes. 

Softstar’s regular width is already wider than what you might see for typical toddler shoes. The wide option is great for those toddlers with particular wide feet (what Softstar has lovingly dubbed “Potato feet”). If you think this may be your toddler, reach out to their incredibly helpful customer service team to confirm measurements. 

The soft-soled leather (and vegan leather) moccasins start at size 3 (for ages 6 – 12 months), and go up to size 5. These moccasins are made for early walkers to be worn mostly indoors. 

The Rambler, Laguna Sandal and Merry Janes are all great shoes for toddlers with wide feet. They have flat, flexible Vibram Pyramid soles with traction. The uppers are leather or vegan leather. Most of Softstar’s toddler shoes are customizable, so you can pick your own fun color combos. 

4 Ten Little Toddler Sneakers 

Sizes: US 4 to 13| $39  

Ten Little Wide Toddler Shoes

Ten Little is a kid’s shoe company that worked with podiatrists and pediatricians to create a shoe that’s just for kids—with wide, flat and flexible soles. The Everyday Original Sneakers is a vegan leather that come in 13 fun colors, plus a sticker kit so your toddler can add their own flair. There is a more breathable version made from recycled canvas too. 

5 ShooShoos Toddler Shoes 

Sizes: US 4 and up | $49 | Code KELLY for 10% off  

ShooShoos Baby Shoes for Wide Feet

ShooShoos makes the cutest toddler shoes and sandals for wide feet. The soles are non-slip and super flexible. Most of these toddler shoes have elastic around the ankle with a velcro strap around the top – this means they can open wide to easily slip feet on, then quickly velcro back up to keep them on.  

ShooShoos are available at one of my favorite online retailers for kid’s shoes—Pedterra. They offer free shipping and returns in the US, so you don’t have to stress about getting stuck with shoes that don’t fit. Get 10% off your first order at PedTerra with code KELLY. 

6 Magical Shoes Toddler Shoes 

Sizes: EU18 (US3) and up | $49 | Code KELLY10 for 10% off 

Magical Shoes Wide Toddler Shoes
Magical Shoes Wide Toddler Shoes
Magical Shoes Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet

Magical Shoes is a Polish company that ships their cute toddler shoes worldwide (shipping to the US is only $7). My favorite are the Baloo Shoes. They have a wide, velcro opening, and the soles are thing and flexible rubber that’s really durable. These are so easy to put on wide toddler feet, and they stay on. Use code KELLY10 for 10% of your entire purchase at Magical Shoes

7 Wildling Toddler Shoes 

Sizes: US 3 and up | $69 

Wildling Barefoot Baby Shoes
Wildling Baby Shoes for Wide Feet

Wildling is a minimalist shoe-maker from Germany, crafting high-quality shoes from sustainable materials. The toddler shoes are wide through the foot and toes, and the uppers are really soft.  The sole is thin, but grippy and durable.  

Shoes change throughout the seasons – most summer shoes are made using recycled cotton canvas or linen, and most winter shoes use wool. Wildling toddler shoes come with a higher price point due to the sustainable materials and manufacturing practices. I’ve still found them worth it as they last longer, making these great shoes to pass on. 

Shipping is free to the US with orders over $200, and your first return is free. Otherwise, shipping to the US is about $10. 

Shop International Wildling Website | Shop US Wildling Website 

8 PaperKrane Toddler Shoes

Sizes: 4 and up | $60 | Code KELLY for 10% off 

PaperKrane Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet

PaperKrane is known for their fun, brightly colored designs. For toddler sizes US 4-7, the “midi” soles feature a rubber inlay instead of a full rubber sole, which makes them soft, flexible and well-suited to wide toddler feet. The larger sizes are wide as well, with a flexible full rubber sole.  

Use code KELLY for 10% off. 

9 Robeez Soft-Sole Moccasins

Sizes: 0 to 24 months | $28 

Robeez soft sole moccasins for toddlers with wide feet

I’ve been a fan of Robeez soft sole moccasins since my first child was a toddler. Robeez leather moccasins are really accommodating to wide toddler feet, they are easy to slip on, and the elastic around the opening helps them stay on securely. They have so many fun designs and collab collections (right now it’s Star Wars).  

Robeez also has sandals that are great for wide, thick feet. 

10 Soft Walker Shoes

Sizes: US 1 and up | $20

Etsy Soft Walker Shoes, the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet

Soft Walker Shoes on Etsy hand makes wide leather toddler shoes. While most moccasins have inner seams, Soft Walker sews the seam on the outside so there is more room for those wide toddler feet.

11 Bar3foot Shoes

Sizes: US 8 and up | $56 | Code KELLY for 10% off

Bar3foot Wide Toddler Shoes

The Ava are closed-toe sandals by Polish company Bar3foot. The velcro straps make these easy to open wide, and also allow room for thicker feet. They’re made for wide and extra wide toddler feet. These are available with free shipping and returns on PedTerra (code KELLY for 10% off).

12 Zeazoo

Sizes: US 4 and up | $52 | Code KELLY for 10% off

Zeazoo Toddler Barefoot Sandals for wide feet

Zeazoo makes lightweight and wide toddler sandals and shoes with bright color options.  These sandals have a wide width option which increases the circumference of the sandal, meaning they can accommodate thicker or higher volume feet.

13 Jack & Lily 

Sizes: US 2 and up | $19 | Code KELLY for 10% off 

Jack & Lily | Best Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet

Jack & Lily is another favorite for best shoes for toddlers with wide feet. They sell both soft-soled shoes and shoes with non-slip, flexible rubber soles. Most shoes are under $20.  Use code KELLY for 10% off at online retailer PedTerra.

14 Baby Bare

Sizes: US 5 and up | $46

Baby Bare Wide Shoe for Toddlers

Baby Bare is a small European company that makes sneakers, sandals, and boots with high quality Italian leather. The shoes are wide (especially through the toes), and fit toddlers with higher volume feet and high insteps.

15 Skinners

Sizes: EU 26 (US 8.5) and up | $42

Skinners Sock Shoes for Wide Feet

Skinners are more durable socks than shoes, but they are a great option for a kid that needs no fuss footwear. They’re easy to put on since they stretch just like a sock. They have a wider and more natural foot shape than most socks, so they comfortably fit wide feet. The durable sole is made with anti-abrasive Swedish polymers, and has a 500 mile life span. Plus they’re machine washable! Skinners in the US are available on Amazon.

Best Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet

Other wide toddler shoes to check out (in Alpha Order): 

The list above represents my top recommendations for toddler shoes for wide feet, but I wanted to include a more comprehensive list of all of the wide shoes for toddlers.  

** One of my favorite places to shop for wide toddler shoes in the online retailer PedTerra. They carry a lot of small, amazing European brands, and offer free shipping and free returns in the US. You can use code KELLY for 10% off your purchase at PedTerra

Know of any other great shoe brands for toddlers with wide feet? Let me know in the comments below!

Anatomic Shoes – Anatomic both offers a baby sock/shoe and toddler shoes. I’ll be honest, the sock/shoes aren’t the cutest shoes out there, but they’re super affordable and great for wide feet! I’ve seen them on sale for $8! Use Code KELLY for 10% off on PedTerra. 

Bisgaard – Cute and function barefoot shoes for toddlers. The uppers are made from cotton or wool, and feature a large velcro strap to secure the feet. The bottom has a rubber sole inlay, making these very minimal and flexible toddler shoes. 

These baby barefoot shoes are available from online retailer PedTerra, which offers free shipping and free returns in the US. Use code KELLY for 10% off at PedTerra.

Cat & Jack Toddler Parker Sneakers  – This Target brand makes a pair of canvas velcro sneakers called they Toddler Parker Sneakers. They’re reasonably wide, and incredibly affordable at $10 for a pair.

Etsy – I’ve found several Etsy retailers that make toddler shoes for wide feet. When you’re searching etsy, look for shoes that are thin, flat and flexible. Here are a few Etsy Shops to check out:  

Feelmax – Finnish brand with kid’s shoes start at size EU24. Shoes are reasonably priced (under 40), but shipping to US is around €30. 

Freet – British brand with wide shoes starting at size EU 30. Use Code KELLY-10 for 10% off. 

Froddo – Shoes start at baby US 1 and go up through toddler. Leather sneakers, sandals and boots.  

Mox Show Room – soft soled toddler shoes made with patterned fabric uppers and “tough grip” flexible rubber soles. 

Pediped Originals – This brand makes wide infant and toddler shoes with a soft leather sole. Available on Amazon.

Sayoyo – Leather moccasins available on Amazon. 

Saguaro – Wide water shoes (they make overall great summer shoes) that start at size US7.5. Available on Amazon. 

Tikki Shoes – Leather and vegan leather wide toddler shoes and sandals made in Romania. 

Tough Little Piggies – Flexible moccasins with reinforced toe boxes for durability.

Vivobarefoot – Vivobarefoot is one of the most prominent names in barefoot shoes. Vivobarefoot shoes are not the widest toddler shoes out there, but they are still wider than many mainstream brands. Use code KELLY10 for 10% off at Vivobarefoot. You can purchase pre-loved and discounted Vivos directly from the company at

Best Shoe for Toddlers with Wide Feet

Studies about the best shoes for toddlers 

The internet can be a really hard place to find reliable information, especially when it comes to finding healthy footwear. There seem to be two sides to the healthy footwear debate. First are those that advocate for a natural, barefoot approach. This position is founded on the belief that your feet are a strong, functional part of your body, and the more we use them in their natural state, the stronger and healthier they’ll be. 

There are also many that advocate for more intervention, including support and cushion. There are specific instances where some intervention may be necessary, but to assume all people need this is based on the belief that feet are inherently weak and flawed. Support, heels and cushion change the way a person stands, walks and runs, which can often lead to issues not just for the feet, but the whole body. 

Even those that recommend more intervention for adults, still tend to agree that wide, flat flexible shoes are the best for toddlers.  

The best thing to do is read the research. Here are several studies that cover healthy foot development and the best types of shoes for children.  

1 “Shoes for children: a review.” Lynn T. Staheli. Pediatrics, 1991 

2 “The long-term effects of wearing moderate minimalist shoes on a child’s foot strength, muscle structure and balance: A randomised controlled trial.” Shayan Quinlan,Peter Sinclair,Adrienne Hunt,Alycia Fong Yan. Gait & Posture, 2022 

3 “Effect of children’s shoes on gait: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” Wegener, Caleb et al. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about Toddler Shoes 

What type of shoe is best for toddlers? 

Shoes with a wide toe box and thin, flexible soles are the best type of shoes for toddlers. 

Is it normal for toddlers to have flat feet? 

Yes, flat feet are completely normal and expected for toddlers. Children typically do not start developing arches until around age 6. 

How often do toddlers need new shoes? 

Every toddler grows at a different rate, but most young children need new shoes every 2 to 4 months. It’s important that their shoes aren’t too small so their feet aren’t squished and toes can properly splay. Shoes also shouldn’t have too much extra space as that can cause them to trip.  

How do I select the best shoe size for my toddler? 

To determine the best shoe size for your toddler, first measure both of their feet. Most people’s feet are not exactly the same length. The optimal shoe size is about 12mm longer than the longest toe.  

When selecting a shoe, consider the width and volume in addition to the length of your child’s foot. Each of these can impact a child’s shoe size, and not every shoe is made for every foot. While a shoe may be the proper length, it may be better suited to a different width or volume of foot.  

Are flat shoes better for toddlers? 

Yes! Wearing shoes with a heel rise will alter natural posture and walking gait. Even many tennis shoes and sneakers include small heels in them now, so make sure to check both the outer sole and insole for that extra height in the heel.  

Do toddlers need arch support? 

No. Toddlers naturally have flat feet and do not need shoes with arch support. Wearing flat, zero-drop shoes will allow both toddlers and adults to develop stronger feet that don’t need to be externally supported. 

Do toddlers need ankle support? 

No. Toddlers need their ankles free to develop muscles (just like kids and adults!). Putting a toddler in shoes with stiff ankle supports is like putting them in a cast – the muscles won’t develop and they’ll be more prone to injury. 

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Saturday 23rd of September 2023

Ikiki makes wide shoes that are incredibly easy for a parent (or kiddo) to put on.


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Can u recommend one of these brands for earthing/grounding with all the flexible minimal options but maybe a “leather” bottom or cloth that are just a little more supportive that the Robeez ones listed for toddler size 7 & up? Thank you!!

Love alllll these options made in Europe!!!


Saturday 25th of November 2023

Hi Jen, I would say a lot of the moccasins are very similar to Robeez in structure/flexibility. The Magical Shoes Moxy sandal is more structured, but still has leather soles (they're the green sandals featured near the top of the post). Unfortunately the leather sole version of this goes up to an EU22, which is just smaller than the Toddler US7 (EU23). Other options like Wildling, Softstar and the Magical Shoes Baloo would give you just a little bit more structure than a leather moccasin, but they use very thin rubber soles to get that structure, so they are no longer grounding.

Katherine Vann

Thursday 18th of May 2023

Have you heard of Birdrock Baby? They have moccasins and some have a “hard” sole, but it’s still very soft and flexible. Are these wide enough for toddler feet in your opinion?

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