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Best Biodegradable Wipes for Camping

Best Biodegradable Wipes for Camping

These biodegradable wipes for camping are good for your skin and the environment.  

Whether you’re into camp life, van life, or just need to wipe the sweat off after a hike, a biodegradable wet wipe is a handy way to give your face and body a quick refresh.

Showers can be kind of a pain while camping, and not really an option if you’re out in the backcountry. I don’t want to come back from a camping trip with a face full of clogged pores and pimples, so I look for wet wipes that are good for both the face and body.

These wipes aren’t just wet towels; they have a few extra ingredients that help clean, deodorize and moisturize. Plus, these face and body wipes for camping are all made from sustainable materials and biodegradable, so you’re not adding more pollution to the planet. 

While looking for the best wipes for camping, I made sure they were:

Biodegradable: We enjoy being out in nature, so we don’t want to create unnecessary waste that isn’t good for the planet. That means making the most environmentally-friendly choices we can. In this scenario, that means wipes that are biodegradable and made from sustainable, natural fibers like bamboo or viscose. Most traditional wipes are made of polyester or polypropylene, which is basically just plastic. After use, a traditional wipe ends up in a landfill where it’s going to sit for over 100 years before it fully decomposes.

Biodegradable wet wipes are great for camping and better for the environment because they’ll decompose faster. Some can even be composted. But, that doesn’t mean you can leave them behind. Follow Leave No Trace principles and pack it out if you’re backpacking, or dispose of it properly if you’re at a campsite.

Cleansing: A traditional baby wipe can clean off the dirt, but these wipes all have something a little extra to remove sweat and oil and leave your skin feeling refreshed. I looked for wipes that were fully moistened and easily cleansed without having to scrub or tug to get off dirt or makeup.

Moisturizing:  Clean skin doesn’t mean it has to be stripped of moisture. I skipped wipes that had astringents that would make skin feel dried out. Instead, these biodegradable wipes have hydrating and soothing ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera.

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The Best Biodegradable Wipes for Camping, Backpacking and Hiking

1 Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

Whether its face wash, shampoo or deodorant, Ursa Major is making it fresh. This skin, hair, and body care company uses plant-based active ingredients and natural fragrances to create all its products, including the Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes. These are 4-in-1 wipes that clean, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate.

They’re made out of bamboo, so they’re strong, stretchy, biodegradable, and sustainable since bamboo is a renewable resource. Lightly scented with orange, lavender and fir, these wipes smell like a mini spa treatment that cleans and brightens your skin (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a better wipe). The Essential Face Wipes are individually packaged, so they’re perfect if you need to pack light and only want to bring along a few for a flight, the gym, or a weekend camping trip.

If you love the super fresh feeling that you get from these wipes and want the same experience at home without the extra packaging, then get the Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic. My other favorite Ursa Major products are the Fantastic Face Wash and the Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant.  

Retail: $24 for 20 count | Size: 7” x 6”

➳ Shop Now: Ursa Major

Ursa Major Face Wipes for Camping

2 Babo Botanicals 3-in-1 Face, Hand & Body Cleansing Wipes

Babo Botanicals offers a full line of natural skin and hair care, from mineral sunscreens to cleansing wipes that are made of 100% plant-based material. These biodegradable face, hand and body wipes come in a resealable package of 30, so the package isn’t too big to bring along on a car camping trip, and it’ll last for at least a few adventures. The wipes are infused with cucumber and aloe vera, which give them a nice soothing feel and smell. I felt like these cleaned my face well, and left it feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Babo Botanicals also offers a version formulated for sensitive skin scented with French lavender and meadowsweet, and another specifically for babies made with oatmilk and calendula. 

Retail: $7.99 for 30 count | Size: 7” x 8”

➳ Shop Now: Amazon

Babo Botanicals Face Wipes for Camping

3 Rain Organica Leave No Trace No Rinse Facial Cleanser

Technically this isn’t a wipe, but it’s an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep your skin clean and happy while you’re camping or backpacking. The Rain Organica Leave No Trace No Rinse Facial Cleanser is a vegan cleanser made specifically for backpackers that doesn’t require water.

I applied this cleanser in the morning with a cotton pad (you can opt for a reusable one)  and my skin felt cleaned and refreshed without a lingering feeling of needing to rinse. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked as I’ve never considered a no rinse facial cleanser before. The texture is more creamy than sudsy, but still effectively cleans thanks to one of its main ingredients, dead sea mud. My skin never felt greasy after use and I didn’t have issues with breakouts, so I’d say it works pretty well!

If you’re washing your face at the end of the day and trying to get of dirt, sweat, or maybe some makeup, you’re probably going to want to use some water. But, since this doesn’t suds up like a typical cleanser, the amount of water you’ll need will be much less.

Rain Organica has a complete line of natural skincare made for hikers and backpackers, including a roller-ball with moisturizing botanical oils for chapped hands, and an anti-oxidant facial mist that helps protect your skin from UV rays and other environmental pollutants.

Retail: $32 for 1.7 oz

➳ Shop Now: Rain Organica

Rain Organica No Rinse Facial Cleanser for backpacking

4 Combat Wipes Active Outdoor Wet Wipes

The name is intense, but you don’t have to be doing anything too crazy to appreciate Combat Wipes. These cleaning wipes are biodegradable, made of viscose, and contain no synthetic materials. The cleansing formula is alcohol-free and infused with vitamin E and aloe. These wipes work great for your face, body, or as TP if you’re in a pinch. Plus, you can get them in a resealable travel size pack.

Retail: $7.49 for 20 count | Size: 7” x 8”

➳ Shop Now: Amazon

Combat Wipes for camping

5 Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes

If you’re going to be camping long enough or working up the kind of sweat that usually requires a full shower, but just can’t get one, then you may need to bring along shower wipes for camping. The Alcala deodorizing body wipes are 10″ x 10″, so large enough that a thorough clean with one of these will be the next best thing to hopping in the shower. They’re made out of bamboo, which biodegrades within 27 days (that’s definitely better than the hundred years for traditional wipes). Alcala wipes deodorize with essential oils like tea tree extract and soothe with aloe vera, chamomile and green tea. After wiping down with one of these, my skin smelled great and had a cooling tingle. 

These biodegradable wet wipes are individually packaged, so you’ll never have to worry about them drying out.  

Retail: $28.99 for 30 count | Size: 10” x 10”

➳ Shop Now: Amazon

Alcala Biodegradable Wipes for Camping

6 Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes

Sea to Summit makes awesome backpacking gear – we love their lightweight sleeping pads and sleeping bags – so it’s no surprise that their Wilderness Wipes are pretty great too. These Sea to Summit body wipes for camping and backpacking are soft and absorbent, picking up all the dirt and sweat without leaving residue. The larger size makes these great biodegradable wipes for camping; you’ll be able to clean your face along with any other parts of your body that need some TLC.

Made with 100% viscose fiber, these wipes are compostable after use. They’ve also got vitamin E and aloe, so they’ll leave your skin feeling soothed and refreshed before you hop in your sleeping bag for the night.

Retail: $5.50 for 12 count | Size: 12” x 8”

➳ Shop Now: Backcountry, REI

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Need a quick refresh after a hike or before you hop into your sleeping bag for the night? Then check out this list of the best biodegradable wipes for camping, backpacking and hiking.

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