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Boulder Canyon Chips: The Perfect Grab-and-Go Snack For Outdoor Adventures

Boulder Canyon Chips: The Perfect Grab-and-Go Snack For Outdoor Adventures

This post is sponsored by Boulder Canyon, the maker of delicious potato chips! 

Whether we’re at home in Southern California or traveling, we’re always heading out on a hike or down to the beach. Since we’re often on the go, I usually have a few snacks in my bag so I’m prepared whenever hunger strikes. Boulder Canyon potato chips are a convenient and delicious savory snacking option that we love to bring with us. 

Child eating Boulder Canyon Potato Chips
Bag of Hickory BBQ Potato Chips by Boulder Canyon

People eating Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

A Healthier Chip 

I know potato chips have a bad rap for being unhealthy, but these thick cut chips are made with only a few simple ingredients and kettle-cooked in unique oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.  

Like true Californians, we’re pretty crazy about avocados in all forms – we’re chipdipping in guacamole and spreading mashed avocado on our morning toast, so the chips kettle-cooked in avocado oil were an instant favorite for me. 

Bags of Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

Avocado oil has heart-healthy fats like oleic acid and the antioxidant lutein which can reduce the risk of eye diseases. Plus, the Canyon Cut means chips with ridges, which are extra thick and crunchy.

For a kid that can be pretty picky, Hudson is a fan of the Hickory BBQ flavor (I thought he might stick with the plain sea salt). 

Boulder Canyon even has a bag of chips with 60% less sodium in case you’re craving that hearty crunch but want to ditch the salt. 

People eating Boulder Canyon Potato Chips

Handful of Boulder Canyon Chips

New Packaging, same great taste

In honor of reaching their 25th anniversary of cooking up simple, flavorful chips, Boulder Canyon is rolling out new packaging! While the bags may look a bit different than what you’ve seen in stores, the same great chips are inside! Boulder Canyon was started in the Flatirons of Colorado, so the new bags highlight where they were born — the great outdoors!

The Perfect Snack for Outdoor Adventures 

The last few winter months have been exceptionally cold and rainy here in Southern California, so we’ve jumped at the chance any time the clouds have cleared to head to the beach. We spent a sunny but cool afternoon down at Crystal Cove State Park and brought a few bags of our favorite Boulder Canyon potato chips to enjoy. 

We love walking the coastal paths along the bluffs of Crystal Cove, surrounded by a natural landscape with the sound of waves crashing below. Up from the bluffs, there’s a better vantage point to see dolphins swimming out in the sea, and I’m still hoping to spot a Gray whale on the annual migration down south. 

Bush Sunflowers in Crystal Cove State Park, California

Child walking along coastal trails in Crystal Cove State Park, California

All the plants and bushes are finally starting to bloom after all the rain we’ve received this winter (hoping for another super bloom this year!), so it looks beautiful and smells amazing. Some of the boardwalks to the beach are lined with bright yellow bush sunflowers during the spring. After enjoying the views from up above, we made our way down to the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Boulder Canyon encourages you to “Follow Your Path” by fueling you for your outdoor adventures. Follow Boulder Canyon on Instagram and Facebook. 

Child holding Boulder Canyon Potato Chips


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Friday 1st of March 2019

This is totally a 'feel good " ad. I was smiling the whole time. Do they sell the chips in Arizona ?


Saturday 2nd of March 2019

They sell them at Sprouts here in California, so I would think they would sell them at Sprouts in Arizona too :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.