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Casual Barefoot Sandals for Women
Barefoot Shoes

7 Cute and Comfortable Casual Barefoot Sandals for Women

Looking for comfortable, casual barefoot sandals for summer? This round-up includes my favorite minimalist sandals for women that feature flexible, zero-drop soles and straps that don’t squish toes! Casual sandals seem like one of the easiest types of shoes where you might be able…

April 29, 2021
Best Barefoot Sandals for Kids
Barefoot Shoes Kids Gear

Barefoot Sandals for Kids: The Best Summer Sandals

These barefoot sandals for kids are perfect for summer adventures! Barefoot sandals allow the foot to move naturally to help your child develop strong, healthy feet. They’re lightweight, flexible, and have plenty of room for wiggly toes.  It’s summer! Which means it’s sandal season. Many kids may…

June 8, 2020