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Three Days in the Cotswolds: A Complete Itinerary to the most charming villages in England

Three Days in the Cotswolds, England

After living in Cambridge, a historic English university town, and taking plenty of trips to London, we were ready to see another side of British life. We planned three days in the Cotswolds to experience life in the countryside. The Cotswolds is a designated Area…

June 1, 2017
Radcliffe Camera at University of Oxford, England | Oxford vs Cambridge: The best English University town

The Best English University Town: Oxford vs Cambridge

The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge goes back over 800 years, so our comparisons of Oxford vs Cambridge are a bit superficial compared to someone more familiar with almost a millennia of competition between these two English towns and universities. Nevertheless, we thought we’d…

September 11, 2016
The 5 Best Cambridge Colleges You Must Visit | After visiting all 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge in England, we've picked the 5 best Cambridge colleges to visit. With beautiful gardens and buildings that looks like castles, it often feels like you're stepping back in time and into a fairytale when you pass through the college gates.

The 5 Most Beautiful Cambridge Colleges You Must Visit

If you’re planning on attending the University of Cambridge and trying to narrow down which college you’d like to apply to, then, unfortunately, this article won’t help. My opinion of the best Cambridge colleges to visit is based purely on their idyllic gardens and impressive architecture, not…

August 2, 2016


We loved our life in LA – with an abundance of sun, and sand, Mexican food and mountains, it’s basically our ideal. But life was almost getting too comfortable, too routine. So we’re so glad we had the opportunity to pack our bags and…

March 29, 2016