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Eating our way through Budapest's Jewish Quarter | We found ourselves exploring the Jewish Quarter in Budapest, Hungary almost every day for lunch, dinner, or just a snack, and it never disappointed. These are the best cafés, ruin pubs and restaurants in Budapest's Jewish Quarter.

Eating our way through Budapest’s Jewish Quarter

A big part of exploring a new city is enjoying the food scene, and the pubs, restaurants and street food in Budapest, Hungary did not disappoint. Lest you get the impression that we waddled through Budapest’s Jewish Quarter after eating everything on the list…

May 23, 2016

Things To Do in Budapest: A Day in Buda

After landing in Budapest, Hungary, we got stuck in the passport control line in the airport for over an hour, and ended up chatting with an American expat living in Budapest. Seizing the opportunity, we hit him up for a few local recommendations. His…

May 17, 2016