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5 Reasons We’re Purchasing Travel Insurance for Our Next Trip

August 23, 2019
Hiking the 1968 trail with views of Arenal Volcano

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We were once young and wild and carefree, and didn’t really think about things like travel insurance. Okay, we were really never that wild, but we were once young (R.I.P. my twenties) and definitely much less informed, which I guess could count as carefree. 

Throughout all of our travels, it seems like luck has been on our side. We’ve had a few close calls with almost missing flights, but everything came together in the end. And while we’ve never been seriously ill or injured on a trip, I’ve had a few bouts of food poisoning, Aaron always seems to end up injuring a toe, and Hudson has had too many minor falls and scrapes to count.  

While I hope our luck holds out, I’ve accepted that the smart and practical thing to do is get travel insurance through VisitorsCoverage on our next trip. I’ve put it off previously because on top of planning everything else, it just seemed like one more thing to research, book, and pay for. 

Hanging Bridges in Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

On our recent trip to Costa Rica, we found ourselves skipping certain activities because we hadn’t purchased any travel insurance. While I always hope we never have any accidents, especially while traveling, the likelihood of getting injured when you’re rafting down a rushing river or dangling from the top of a waterfall is at least a little bit higher (but really, a lot). 

In preparation for our next trip, I’ve been researching more about travel insurance, and was so happy to learn about VisitorsCoverage. It’s easy to find a travel insurance policy on the VisitorsCoverage website, which means I can focus more on booking fun activities and less about how much an emergency would cost while traveling. Here are five reasons we’re purchasing travel insurance for our next trip.

1. It’s actually really simple to purchase travel insurance with VisitorsCoverage 

While I know how important it is and that the costs of not having travel insurance could truly be astronomical, I had a slew of poor excuses as to why I haven’t booked travel insurance. The most used one was that it would just take too long to find a policy that was really worth purchasing, so I just didn’t.  

I went ahead and priced out insurance for a potential upcoming trip on the VisitorsCoverage website, and it really only took me a minute. After filling in a few boxes about the who, what and when of traveling, I had seven different insurance quotes. 

Home Page for Visitors Coverage Travel Insurance Website

Kelly getting a quote for travel insurance on the Visitors Coverage website

2. It’s affordable 

After scanning through the quotes I got on VisitorsCoverage, I realized how affordable travel insurance is, especially when comparing it to the potential costs of an accident or emergency when traveling abroad. While medical care in some countries can be relatively cheaper compared to the U.S., the cost of travel insurance is a tiny fraction of what a trip to the hospital could cost. 

3. We’re traveling to farther places 

We started traveling more often about four years ago when we were living in England. We traveled within Europe, so we were only ever a few-hour flight from home and the cost to get back was pretty cheap. Now that we’re traveling further and further from home, with flight times that can be the better part of a day and that cost a lot more, we don’t want to feel like we’re stranded without the resources we need to get help. 

La Fortuna Waterfall | 9 epic things to do in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

4. We’re traveling with a kid 

Our top concern is always the health and safety of our son, so I don’t want to feel like I’m compromising with his medical care because we’re traveling.  

The hot springs at Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Tabacon Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica | 9 amazing things to do in La Fortuna

5. It’s the best way to prepare for the unexpected 

I hope I never have to actually use travel insurance, but I know there are so many things that can go wrong on a trip. VisitorsCoverage offers policies that include travel medical insurance, trip cancellation and trip delay insurance, so I can stress less about all of the what-ifs when traveling, and know that I have a plan if anything does happen.  You can also learn more about VisitorsCoverage and what they offer by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re planning a trip and considering travel insurance, hop on over to VisitorsCoverage for a quote. It only takes a minute (it really does)!

Hiking along Rio Celeste in Costa Rica


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  • Reply Megan November 4, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    I love the photos in this post! And its so true… especially when travelling with kids travel insurance is so important! The small cost is worth it in the case that something goes wrong.

    • Reply nomanbefore November 4, 2019 at 10:02 pm

      Thanks so much Megan! It’s one of those things you never want to have to use, but are so grateful that you do have it (even just for peace of mind!).

  • Reply Flora March 3, 2021 at 8:18 am

    This is my first time I heard about VisitorsCoverage. I didn’t know this company exists before, so thank you for the information.

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