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The Best Minimalist Hiking Sandals
Hiking Gear

The Most Comfortable Barefoot and Minimalist Hiking Sandals

Whether you think that barefoot is best, or you’re simply looking for comfortable, lightweight minimalist sandals for all your outdoor adventures, then these recommendations have you covered.   When it comes to hiking sandals, we’ve cycled through all the popular brands, including Chacos, Tevas,…

May 5, 2020
Lems Mesa Minimalist Hiking Shoe
Hiking Gear

The Lems Mesa: A Versatile, Packable, Minimalist Hiking Shoe

Searching for a versatile, lightweight minimalist hiking shoe that’s perfect for adventures both at home and on the road? Then look no further than the Lems Mesa. Growing up in Arizona, our main outdoor activities were swimming in the summer and hiking all of…

September 21, 2019