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Casual Barefoot Sandals for Women
Barefoot Shoes

7 Cute and Comfortable Casual Barefoot Sandals for Women

Looking for comfortable, casual barefoot sandals for summer? This round-up includes my favorite minimalist sandals for women that feature flexible, zero-drop soles and straps that don’t squish toes! Casual sandals seem like one of the easiest types of shoes where you might be able…

April 29, 2021
Lems Mesa Minimalist Hiking Shoe
Hiking Gear

The Lems Mesa: A Versatile, Packable, Minimalist Hiking Shoe

Searching for a versatile, lightweight minimalist hiking shoe that’s perfect for adventures both at home and on the road? Then look no further than the Lems Mesa. Growing up in Arizona, our main outdoor activities were swimming in the summer and hiking all of…

September 21, 2019
Best Beach Gear | Crystal Cove State Park
California Travel Gear

10 Awesome Beach Products You Need This Summer

We thought we were pretty avid beach goers before, but since moving within walking distance to the actual beach part of Newport Beach, California a few months ago, we’ve headed to the sand on almost a daily basis. Whether we’re trying to catch some waves, hanging out with friends…

August 3, 2017