A Weekend Guide to Los Angeles: Exploring the City’s Artistic Roots

December 4, 2017
A weekend guide to Los Angeles. Exploring the city by neighborhood with 101 things to add to your bucket list!

Los Angeles can be a dream or a nightmare. For the uninitiated, it’s easy to fall into the superficial tourist traps and spend hours trying to make your way across its massive urban sprawl through the tangle of freeways that sometimes feel less functional than clogged arteries. I’ve had more than one person tell me they didn’t like Los Angeles; from personal experience I know that it can be an acquired taste. But once you accept the fact that it will take you thirty minutes to go five miles and start exploring Los Angeles by neighborhood instead of trying to swallow whole, you’ll see that this city is anything but shallow.  

Los Angeles has long been a city of transplants, with so many coming to search for the dream. But that’s made everything from the people to the food to the art scene an eclectic mix that is constantly reinventing itself, almost like a perpetual renaissance. Even classic spots find ways to put on new twists.

Get your creative juices flow with a stay at the Ace Hotel, take your taste buds on a wild ride in Koreatown, and end the night with an intimate performance at the Hotel Café. Check out the rest of my recommendations on how to celebrate the city’s artistic roots with a fresh and fun weekend guide to Los Angeles over on trivago’s Room 5 Blog.


A Weekend Guide to Los Angeles

A weekend guide to Los Angeles

A Weekend Guide to Los Angeles
Street art mural in downtown Los Angeles

A Weekend Guide to Los Angeles

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