About Us

Netherlands tulip fields


Most of our travels begin with one of us proclaiming, “going where no man has gone before!” as we march down a cobbled street or well-worn hiking path. Though somewhat ironic, we seek adventure in even the ordinary places, and enjoy taking a side trip off the beaten path. Over the past 5 years, we’ve taken trips throughout the US, Asia, Australia, Europe, and gone to Hawaii what some might consider a few too many times. In 2015 we moved from sunny Los Angeles, to historic Cambridge, UK, where we took advantage of our new home base to discover Europe. In 2017, we found our way back to California. Our family of three is always looking for adventure, both near and far.


Aaron loves big cities, Tom Brady (really all things sports) and Vespas. As a true Californian, he finds his way to the beach wherever he goes. This last year, he pursued his MBA at the University of Cambridge, which prompted the move from LA to the UK. His navigation skills are like a super power; we never seem to get lost whether we’re trekking through mountains, crisscrossing London on the Tube, or going where no man has gone before.


As an Arizona native, Kelly grew up with a love for hiking and the outdoors. It took moving to Los Angeles for her to realize that summer temperatures of 110°F and above (44 in Celsius) are not normal, and moving to the UK to see that she was pretty spoiled by the almost constant 75°F (23°C) and sunny forecast in LA. She loves baking, mostly because she loves eating. Travel is a combination of all the things she loves most, especially embarking on new adventures with Aaron and Hudson.


Since moving from the US to the UK at six weeks old, Hudson has been racking up stamps in his passport. He just hit 12 countries before his first birthday and recently boarded his 33rd flight. He loves making new friends everywhere he goes, taking long naps while being carried on hikes, and has an impressive track record for scoring free stuff.

Contact Us

Whether you have a question or just want to say “hi,” we would love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at kelly@nomanbefore.com or aaron@nomanbefore.com. Hudson is currently on a digital detox, so we’ll be sure to pass along any messages to him. 🙂